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Community pimpage...

Hello all!

soniced_up and I have created a new Christopher Eccleston community, ecclescult. It's a community devoted to the worship of Christopher Eccleston in all his magnificent glory.

Anything having to do with CE is welcome: icons, graphics, fanfic and discussions encompassing the body of his work (or just his body), general squeeage, lusty thoughts, etc.

We are hoping for a very active community and to that end, soniced_up and I are in the process of coming up with various challenges to encourage people to participate in the Chris love.

And just so you have an idea of what you may be getting yourselves into...all some discussions / graphics / etc may lean toward the 'adult' in nature (actually, soniced_up and I encourage that as we're both a bit pervy ourselves :D) make sure that you're comfortable with that before joining our ranks. Don't worry, we're good people...we only bite when asked nicely. ;)

In conclusion, if you love Chris and want to hang out with people (who may or may not be slightly deranged) who share that love, please do come over to ecclescult and join up. We'd love to have you and we're really hoping to make this a fun and active community.


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